Severe Weather Information skill


Severe Weather Information

Checks your national weather service and notifies you when there are alerts for your region

The severe weather information skill can connect to dozens of weather alerting services, among them many from following lists:
severe weather information center
alerting world weather

After installation go to and select your preferred weather service from the list on the skills configuration page.
You can also set a “watchdog” that automatically checks for new alerts and notifies you…

How to install Severe Weather Information skill

  • Install Severe Weather Information skill by …

    • msm install
    • There are some dependencies in requirements.txt which should be automatically installed by msm
  • Severe Weather Information skill connects to public weather information services …

    • A number of services is included and can be selected in the skill configuration (
    • You can use custom services as long as they provide a ATOMpub or RSS feed with entries in CAP-xml format.

How to test Severe Weather Information skill

  • Configure the Skill Settings in
  • Speak Are there weather alerts
  • Mycroft should reply with “There are the following alerts …” (continuing with alert information) or with “Currently there are no alerts for your region”

Where feedback on Severe Weather Information skill should be directed at

  • as comment here in this topic
  • Issues on GitHub
  • Mycroft Chat.

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