Skill "details page" template is needed

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see a lot of consistency in the way the skills marketplace gives useful info on the skill I am considering for installation?

seems like there ought to at least be a suggested template for information to include on a details page about the skill.

I could give plenty of examples, but here’s a few.
In the ‘Home Assistant’ skill no info is given on what commands are valid. I can figure out how to turn on/off a light, for example, but how do I adjust the brightness of a bulb?
“Hey, Mycroft, dim the lamp 40 percent”,
“Hey, Mycroft, set the lamp on 5”

You see what I mean? Nothing is revealed on the skills page.

Another example: ‘date and time’ skill.

Wiki info say’s try,
“Hey, Mycroft, do you have the time?”
While this works, so does “Hey, Mycroft, What time is it?”

And here’s a useless but neat thing Mycroft can do,
“Hey, Mycroft, what time will it be 47 minutes from now?”

See, these kinds of details are really lacking in the “details” portion of the skills entries.

So, am I missing something? Shouldn’t there really be a kind of template guideline for skills submission? Seems like the developers would want people to see what all their skill can do!

Good question. I was hacking with skills a while back and wrote a very simple helper script lsskill which takes the directory with intent, vocab, dialog files and just prints them all out. Here’s an example for emby:

$ lsskill /opt/mycroft/skills/emby.rickyphewitt/vocab/en-us
All files in /opt/mycroft/skills/emby.rickyphewitt/vocab/en-us:

File: diagnostic.intent
check (emby|mb|mv|nv|emily) connection
run diagnostic (emby|mb|mv|nv|emily)
check (emby|mb|mv|nv|emily)
File: emby.intent
play {media} from emby
play {media} from mb
play artist {artist} from emby
play artist {artist} from mb
play album {album} from emby
play album {album} from mb

So just thinking out loud here … could there be a cron job that ran nightly and rather than spitting out flat text, could produce a Web page? Then there could be an up to date Web page for each supported skill and its intents and dialogs. Just a thought …

-Mike Mac