Skill for German commands for Tasmota powered ESP-8266 devices

I have published a skill under the following address: This skill allows a German language communication with ESP-8266 based devices, which were recorded with the firmware Tasmota, e.g. devices from Sonoff, Shelly etc. This skill requires the use of a MQTT broker. I have tested with mosquitto as broker and Tasmota 8.2.0. What is possible so far: switching devices on and off, retrieving sensor data (temperature, humidity, power consumption, retrieving schedules (timer). The file has an international and a German language part, the wiki with further information is in German. Since only the MQTT-Topics are used for communication, the skill only works reliably if the MQTT-Topics of the devices are assigned with names like pump, TV, kitchen light etc. I would be pleased about test users and feedback!
More Informations at the and Wiki pages (german)