Skill Hue lighting [Solved]


I’ve got Mycroft installed and running on a Raspberry Pi 3. I just flashed the image and logged in. What I’d really like to do is have mycroft turn the lights on and off. But the skills seems very confusing. I read that it should go in /opt/mycroft/skills or other places say /home/mycroft/.mycroft/skills

Under /home/mycroft/.mycroft/skills I have a bunch of folders (PhillipsHueSkill) but there’s nothing in any of these folders. Also I tried installing the phillips hue still my running
msm install

But that doesn’t seem to have any effect either as mycroft still doesn’t recognize any phrase with ‘lights’. Am I missing something obvious about skills? I even checked the logs in /var/log/mycroft-skills.log and don’t see anything obvious in there either. Its probably posted somewhere obvious and I’m just missing it…



Can’t seem to figure out how to delete my post.

In any case what I ended up having to do was the following.

Did the msm install again. Checked the files, rebooted. In the skills/mycroft-hue directory there was a readme. I’d tried it previously but I could not the the mycroft.conf file to work with its default values for mimic and the phillips hue section I needed to put in there. Decided to just rip out the mimic section and leave the mycroft.conf file with only the phillips hue section. Rebooted, asked mycroft to ‘lights on’ and he said to press the button on the hub and I was all set. Very cool

I think I have a slightly better handle on skills now. Pretty nifty.


I’m glad to hear you figured it out. Which mycroft.conf file did you end up editing? And was this on a Raspberry Pi?


This was on a Raspberry Pi 3

I ended up editing /home/mycroft/.mycroft/mycroft.conf

It had the default lines of

“tts”: {
“module”: “mimic”,
“mimic”: {
“voice”: “ap”,

I had to remove all those lines and put in
“PhillipsHueSkill”: {
“ip”: “”,
“username”: “”,
“verbose”: false,
“brightness_step”: 50,
“color_temperature_step”: 1000,
“default_group”: 0

I was using the yaml checker and couldn’t find any way to combine the two. But it appears to work


There’s also a newer hue skill now, (slightly less config needed)