Solid red circle of lights

Hi, My Mark II arrived. Nice packaging. Nice clean look. Not sure I need a camera. I definitely will not use the international adapters - it would be nice to generate less plastic.

I believe I set it up OK, but, after trying some Internet radio stations, it went mute. It would not answer “What time is it?”. Not sure what to do, I tried rebooting by removing power then plugging it back in. After it got to “Downloading settings”, the circle of lights went solid red and it won’t do anything? :pensive:

What to do?


-Mike Mac

Hi Mike,

Solid red lights usually means the mic switch is muted. Toggle the switch on the right (with the little microphone icon) and see if that helps.

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Yes, that helped. I don’t remember toggling that switch, but I must have.

There was no user’s guide in the box about this switch. Is there documentation on the hardware features of the Mark II on the Internet?


-Mike M