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[SOLVED] My code doesn't look right. Check for typos


Trying to pair a Mycroft Mk1 to my account but I get the error “Code doesn’t look right. Check for typos”

Any thoughts? I have checked for typos :wink:


CAPS? Might be case sensitive.


The page at automatically puts it all into caps.

I’m trying to write a new image to the SD card at the moment to see it that help as starting ./mycroft-cli-client wasn’t successful either.


Hi there @mycroft567 the pairing code should be shown on the faceplate of your Mark 1 after you’re connected to WiFi. Is that happening?


Yes, it just wasn’t accepted by the web portal at - Anyway, I’ve re-imaged the SD card and when I received a new code that was accepted so ther emust have been a gremlin in the system somewhere :slight_smile: