[SOLVED] Mycroft Voice Not Working CLI Only

So I installed Mycroft on an old laptop running a clean install of Arch (no DE) and it is working except the voice, it does not pick up my voice and does not respond (audibly) when I type a command.

I guess I’m missing a package needed for sound because I do not have a DE. If anyone has some ideas I’d appreciate the help.

How did you install mycroft, and how do you start it up? Is there anything in the voice log for it?

Installed Mycroft from the git page and started it with the ./start-mycroft.sh debug. Voice log is here.

Did you run ./dev_setup.sh? This shell script installs dependencies.

Figured it out, I installed all packages for pulseaudio and alsa restarted and it worked. Not the best solution as I probably installed a few things I didn’t need, but it worked. Thank you to everyone for the suggestions.

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Awesome, thanks for confirming @r3dArch