[SOLVED] Setting up Wit.ai as STT


I’m trying to setup Mycroft on my computer without using “Home” (ie. without a mycroft account).
I’d like to use Wit.ai as STT provider, but I can’t find a valid json example.

So far I have:

 "stt": {
    "module": "wit",
    "wit": {
      "credential": {
        "token": "My server access token got by creating a new app at wit.ai"                  

but it doesn’t work: as I write something in the Input box (in mycroft-core terminal) I get:

15:36:40.301 - QuestionsAnswersSkill - INFO - Timeout occured check responses

Any help please? thanks


Fixed: the configuration I used was correct! The problem was a typo lol.

Thanks anyway