[SOLVED] Updating Mycroft on Linux?

How do I update Mycroft-core on Linux?

I built Mycroft on LinuxMint following the brilliant instructions, and got it working with lots of “fiddling” - which is fine, I have enjoyed the learning curve…
So now poor Mycroft is out of date - “I am running mycroft-core version 18.2.0 beta. Your version is outdated. The latest version is 18.2.3”

Digging through the forums here just leads to lots of confusing ( and probably out dated) stuff, and I don’t want to break it beyond repair :wink:

The official documentation ( https://mycroft.ai/documentation/linux/#keeping-mycroft-for-linux-updated ) is a little ummm vague , to say the least !!

Any advice will be happy received, even if I should remove & rebuild it (but is that worth it for the changes in the versions at this stage?)

I got an answer to this on the mattermost chat :slight_smile:
So the answer that maybe someone may be able to update the docs with is:

  1. change the the directory where the code resides on your local machine ( probably ~/mycroft-core )
  2. type “git stash” ( to preserve your configuration) - git may prompt you to set up an identity , do so and then try again!
  3. type “git pull” to get the latest code
  4. type “git stash pop” to return your config
  5. type “./start-mycroft.sh all” to restart the services


Thanks for this, @a_user. Great instructions.
Confirming the instructions have been updated at;

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Cool! :slight_smile:
Thanks Kathy