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Sonos controller skill - testing and feedback

My first attempt at making a skill, any feedback will be greatly appreciated

Sonos controller skill

A simple mycroft skill to control sonos speakers


Uses the SoCo library to control sonos speakers

You can set a default speaker in the settings, otherwise a random active speaker will be chosen at initialisation


  • “sonos play”
  • “sonos pause”
  • “sonos next”
  • “sonos previous”
  • “sonos louder / volume up”
  • “sonos quieter / volume down”
  • “sonos shuffle on”
  • “sonos shuffle off”
  • “sonos playlist playlist_name”
  • “sonos playlist playlist_name in the living room”
  • “sonos play album album_name”
  • “sonos set living room (as active speaker)”
  • “search for sonos speakers”
  • “show album (art)” (requires mycroft-gui)
  • “sonos what’s playing?”

Specific music services (e.g. Spotify) are not (yet) implemented as I do not have any accounts



Great work! Will try it soon…

There is another sonos-control-skill, but this wasn’t updated for more than 1,5 years and has no support for Mycroft-GUI.