Speech Recognition Failing

Mycroft installed perfectly (well after some help) but now although the CLI is working the speech recongnition shows this.
15:34:07.855 | ERROR | 6462 | mycroft.client.speech.listener:transcribe:239 | list index out of range
15:34:07.856 | ERROR | 6462 | mycroft.client.speech.listener:transcribe:240 | Speech Recognition could not understand audio
Is there something wrong with my mic or is it mycroft

This happens if the STT backend doesn’t return any response. Try the audiotest to verify the audio quality. I assume you get some audio since to get this far the wakeword must have triggered.

Stop mycroft then run

./start-mycroft.sh audiotest

It will use the Mycroft internals to record 10 seconds of audio and then play it back to you.

Also in the bottom right corner of the cli you can see the mic input level. make sure that is moving.

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