SSH connection refused via Putty on Windows 10

With the Mark ii dev kit freshly installed and connected to wifi, I followed these directions to enable SSH:

The problem is that it ONLY gives directions for Linux. I’m running Windows on a laptop :confused:

I used the same command (ssh-keygen -t rsa) and Windows generated the key pair. I opened the public key and succeeded in adding it to my device via mycrofts website under my device.

I use PuTTY on Windows for SSH. Putty has PuttyGen to convert RSA or DSA key pairs into Putty format as seen here:,and%20must%20convert%20them%20using%20the%20PuTTYGen%20application.

The problem is I’m still unable to connect and get : Network error: Connection Refused

I can’t be the only one trying to connect from Windows and PuTTY… or am I?

Are you sure sshd is running on the Linux side? Can you get a local terminal session and issue ‘service sshd status’?

-Mike Mac

I missed that the Mark II is on port 8222 rather than 22 so it works now. Oops.

That being said I was able to get in no problemo. However I might as well ask, if I put a keyboard onto the Mark II Dev how do I get to the command line?

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You need to connect a keyboard and a monitor. Then you will see the login prompt. That prompt is the same you used when copying the keypair