SSH login credentials


After using the menu on the Mark 1 to enable SSH what is the username and password used to login by default?

How to get into mycroft?
Interacting with the Mark I via SSH
How to get into mycroft?

username is pi
password mycroft

you should change this when you get it for security reasons (you probably know this but others that look this up may not)


To ssh to your mark 1, assuming your system supports mdns/bonjour, say:

ssh pi@mark1.local

The first time you do so you’ll see the key fingerprint for your mark 1, and it will ask you to confirm it:

Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? 

Say yes, and it will remember that for future reference, and check when re-connecting.
As noted above, the password is initially just “mycroft”. You should immediately change it by running this and following the prompts to choose a strong new key. 'Cause you don’t want others hacking into your AI agent…