Support with creating a web application to configure Mycroft

I’m currently working on a project that uses Mycroft AI on a raspberry pi. The next stage in the project is to create a web application in react where a user can configure skills enable and disable them and have a personality slider. users can also change the name they want to be called and the wake word.
I’m still in the early stages and wanted to ask how about would be the best way make this happen. scalability is not important at this stage therefore if anyone has useful resources that would be highly appreciated


I am not currently in a position to go into detail, but I feel it would be rude not to advise you that you’re duplicating work which has a big head start:


That sounds fantastic. More power to you. Even though there are other similar projects going, I think your effort should be encouraged. After all the more the merrier and you’ll benefit tremendously from doing your own take on this.


I think your effort could be complementary to the one in the personal backend. You could, for example, focus on the configuration of the offline backend (no backend at all). In that case your react application should read/write the ~/.config/mycroft/mycroft.conf file with all the options and have a list of options from the skills. Join the ovos channel on matrix for help and good luck!


i don’t think personal backend is necessarily the best choice here, something that works directly on device sounds better

there is also this which is more oriented for running on device, but needs some love to get back in shape

GitHub - OpenVoiceOS/OVOS-Dashboard: OVOS Dashboard Application