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Testing And Feedback for Emby Skill


How to install Emby Skill

  • Service Required

  • Install via msm:

  • Emby Skill connects to an Emby Server

    • The Host, port, username and password must be input at in the skills configuration section. Unless you’ve configured your Emby server to be available over the internet the Mycroft device and the Emby Server should be on the same network
    • Note: If you do not use a password to access Emby, leave the password field blank. Authentication of skill does not use Emby Connect.

How to test Emby Skill

  • Setup an Emby Server (If you don’t already have one :slight_smile: )
  • Configure the Skill Settings in
  • Speak Play {artist/album/song} From Emby
    • Example: Play Thrice From Emby
  • Mycroft will search the Emby Server for the {artist/album/song} and play an ‘Instant Mix’ based on it.
    • An instant mix is similar to a Pandora radio station where similar music is played as to what was requested

Skill Pass Criteria

  • Skill authenticates and plays an Instant mix from given Emby Server

Skill Failure Criteria

  • Skill does not install
  • Skill fails to authenticate to Emby Server
  • Skill does not play music when requested


Feedback can be provided in a few ways

  • via github issues
  • In response to this topic
  • In the Mycroft Chat -> @sampsonight


@sampsonight I’m having a bit of trouble testing this skill.
I was able to install and configure the skill on, however mycroft just says that he is unable to play the song.



Thanks for giving the skill a go. I’m not sure why the skill couldn’t find the song.
If you could provide additional information that would be great!

What platform are you running mycroft on? Mark1/picroft/linux.

Can you paste the log file after attempting to play the song? I have some debug messages in the skill that may help figure out what is going wrong.
If you’re using the mark 1 the log files for the skill are located: /var/log/mycroft/skills.log

In addition, if you log into Emby you should see an Active Device in the dashboard labeled: mark1 mycroft 0.1

Thank you!


Okay, seemed to be my fault, not the skill’s fault. However,now, the mycroft plays my music from Emby!

A few other tidbits:

  • It startled me when the skill, on startup, said that it could not connect to emby. Maybe change this so that the skill alerts the user when they first use the skill - not during startup.
  • I looked through your code and saw that you used the speak method sometimes. Using the speak_dialog method with dialog files allows the skill to be translated into other languages.

I’d be able to “vouch” for this skill to be put in the skills repo. :grinning:

Update: just did.


Thanks for the feedback and vouching for the skill! I just added the 2 tidbits as github issues to work on.

If you run into any issues or have feature requests don’t hesitate to reach out to me!


Courtesy note to say this is on my list to review, haven’t forgotten!


Merged :slight_smile: :blush:
Thanks both for the submission @sampsonight and @brrn for validating, appreciated.