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Testing and Feedback for Kodi Skill


Nothing like that in the skill. Simply renaming the directory and rebooting the device is all it took to get the skill running for @sanderant .


Performed a fairly major cleanup to the kodi skill, squashed a few bugs and corrected some of the conversational context issues I was having. Also added support for the youtube and cinemavision addons.
Check out the readme file on github for the usage and installation instructions.


great skill
I have at the German translation. As soon as several films were found. Listing does not work either with β€œyes” β€œok” or β€œja”.


Ah, I have a couple hard_coded decisions that will definitely trip up the multilingual support. I will need to think about that. (Line:587, Line:624, Line:706, Line:1011). Instead of using the decision keyword then checking for a yes/now response, I could use a yes.voc and a no.voc to make the decision for me and thereby support multi languages. Another issue I can see is that on line:547 I use the DirectionKeyword utterance to directly controll the cursor. In another language the DirectionKeyword will not be the english (up/down/left/right) words. I think these words are required for the Kodi navigation api, although I am not sure if these commands change if kodi is configured for a different language.
Thanks for pointing this out. I will think about how I can solve this. If you want to send the german language directory I am more than happy to add it to the github repo. Or issue a pull request.


I have already submitted the request


I have merged your pull request and removed the hard coded yes/no decisions. Only language item to deal with would be the cursor navigation as the API requires English words. I may have to create a vocab file for each of the directions then convert them to the English equivalents in the API call.


great for the fast fix.
Now I have with the same query the problem in the second step So when listing the issue is issued twice and in English


Should be better now. I have a few more hard coded english phrases that I need to migrate in the coming days. I will try not to break anything in the process.
Thanks for testing.


I have revised the German language files.
Would it be possible to additionally display the selection on the screen.


I will merge the request at my next opportunity. I am not sure i understand your additional request? What selection do you want displayed?
Thanks for the testing and language contribution.


I need the screen, yes, anyway. I have a lot of movies about 1000 since almost every time comes the selection


Ah yes, i understand. If you ask kodi to play a movie and multiple results are returned i should display the list of movies found. I think this can be done with display filters in the kodi api. I will investigate and see what I can do.