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Testing and Feedback for Kodi Skill


Nothing like that in the skill. Simply renaming the directory and rebooting the device is all it took to get the skill running for @sanderant .


Performed a fairly major cleanup to the kodi skill, squashed a few bugs and corrected some of the conversational context issues I was having. Also added support for the youtube and cinemavision addons.
Check out the readme file on github for the usage and installation instructions.


great skill
I have at the German translation. As soon as several films were found. Listing does not work either with “yes” “ok” or “ja”.


Ah, I have a couple hard_coded decisions that will definitely trip up the multilingual support. I will need to think about that. (Line:587, Line:624, Line:706, Line:1011). Instead of using the decision keyword then checking for a yes/now response, I could use a yes.voc and a no.voc to make the decision for me and thereby support multi languages. Another issue I can see is that on line:547 I use the DirectionKeyword utterance to directly controll the cursor. In another language the DirectionKeyword will not be the english (up/down/left/right) words. I think these words are required for the Kodi navigation api, although I am not sure if these commands change if kodi is configured for a different language.
Thanks for pointing this out. I will think about how I can solve this. If you want to send the german language directory I am more than happy to add it to the github repo. Or issue a pull request.


I have already submitted the request


I have merged your pull request and removed the hard coded yes/no decisions. Only language item to deal with would be the cursor navigation as the API requires English words. I may have to create a vocab file for each of the directions then convert them to the English equivalents in the API call.


great for the fast fix.
Now I have with the same query the problem in the second step So when listing the issue is issued twice and in English


Should be better now. I have a few more hard coded english phrases that I need to migrate in the coming days. I will try not to break anything in the process.
Thanks for testing.


I have revised the German language files.
Would it be possible to additionally display the selection on the screen.


I will merge the request at my next opportunity. I am not sure i understand your additional request? What selection do you want displayed?
Thanks for the testing and language contribution.


I need the screen, yes, anyway. I have a lot of movies about 1000 since almost every time comes the selection


Ah yes, i understand. If you ask kodi to play a movie and multiple results are returned i should display the list of movies found. I think this can be done with display filters in the kodi api. I will investigate and see what I can do.


I am looking for some help and direction for migrating my Kodi Skill to the mycroft core.
There are a few people I am hoping will vouch for the skill, @gras64, @sanderant, @j1nx, I believe have all successfully installed and used the skill. @sanderant has contributed by adding German language and I have noticed that someone is working on French as well. I am not super skilled at Github so there are a few things that I am expecting I will need to get up to speed on before I have this accepted to the mycroft core. Based on where I am at with this skill and testing what needs to be done to get to the next level?



Anything you want me to do / test / work on? Will try to dedicate some time for your skill this week. Although I screwed up my Kodi instance once again, but that should be an easy fix by just starting from scratch again.


I have not completed the skill test runner, not sure what is involved in getting this going, or what is left to do to get it accepted by the community to become part of the core. Any assistance in getting it to the point were it is part of the core would be appreciated. I have a few features I am still looking at working on when I get an opportunity

  1. “play a random movie” this should not be too difficult given the code that already exists.
  2. There are still a couple references using the kodipydent resource, my plan is to eventually remove this but I have not had a chance to convert the last couple references to json.
  3. A request was made from @gras64 to display on the screen the list of movies that are returned in a search. I can do this from the gui with my keyboard but I have not been able to find the API call to do this from the skill yet. Not 100% certain I am going to be able to accommodate this request but I have not given up yet.


Just to be clear. What do you mean with; accepted within the core?


Would like to be included in the list of skills, so it is available to the wider community. Maybe this is not necessary but thought there was a formal process for an officially recognized skill.


There certainly is a process - we use the Skill Acceptance Criteria.

The first thing we need to do here is get the Skill submitted to mycroft-skills. I’d strongly recommend using the Mycroft Skills Kit to do this, as it bypasses a lot of the Git and GitHub related hurdles.

Once the Skill is submitted to mycroft-skills as a PR, then I would be looking for other members of the Community to ‘vouch’ that it is working correctly - we use this where the Skill Tester does not have the third party dependencies loaded, such as Kodi in this case. We still do the standard checks on a Skill - which are all in the Acceptance Process.

Best, Kathy


function request: I use the PVR addon on my kodi to watch TV would not be a nice thing just “TV on channel 1 or ZDF”


Interesting, I don’t use the PVR addon so I am not sure what functionality is available. What PVR addon do you recommend so I can possibly do some testing? Are you using the other kodi functions? successfully?