Testing and Feedback for Linux Rhythmbox Skill


How to install Rhythmbox Skill

Linux Software Required

  • Ubuntu: apt install rhythmbox
  • Linux Mint: apt install rhythmbox
  • Arch: pacman -S rhythmbox

Install skill via git:

How to test Rhythmbox Skill

  • Setup Rhythmbox with music, playlists, etc.
  • Utterances…
    ◦ “play **”
    ◦ “play ** playlist”
    ◦ “play something by **”
    ◦ “shuffle ** playlist on Rhythmbox”
    ◦ “pause”
    ◦ “resume”
    ◦ “next song”
    ◦ “previous song” [limited function within Rhythmbox]
    ◦ “stop Rhythmbox”

Skill Pass Criteria

  • Skill searches the Rhythmbox song and playlist databases for the best match and queues it up.

Skill Failure Criteria

  • Skill does not install
  • Skill fails to interface with Rhythmbox
  • Skill does not play music when requested



Hi dwfalk,

I’ve dropped a new issue in your repo with some trouble I had accessing the file system, but wanted to say thanks for creating Rhythmbox Skill!


Great feedback. Thank you.


gez-mycroft’s suggestion over on github simplifies installing the skill. I added a requirements.txt file with the fuzzywuzzy dependency. So now you only need to issue the following command to install the skill…

mycroft-msm install https://github.com/dwfalk/rhythmbox-skill


Thanks for your work :slight_smile: , installation worked like a charm.

CPS_match_query on the other hand, has me pretty puzzled it never finds what i’m asking for.

Sometimes it doesn’t start music because it thinks stuff is not in my library :smile:

rhythmbox-skill_dwfalk - INFO - Artist Utterance: eminem
Playback Control Skill - INFO - No matches
rhythmbox-skill_dwfalk - INFO - Artist Probabilities: (‘Eminem’, 100)

And it doesn’t do anything else… I am sure it should work :thinking: ,
do you have any insights about the common play skill skill class?
i am trying to use it in my own music skill and i am also having problems adapting it to common play :confused: is it me using it wrong ? thank you again :slight_smile: have a nice day


colla69…If you wish, you can open an issue over on the github site I reference for skill feedback and post the pertinent contents of your Rhythmbox database (~/.local/share/rhythmbox/rhythmdb.xml) and I’ll take a peek.

You can also look at my code on the github site to get an idea on how to work with common play skill. I was a little intimidated with it myself, at first. But took on the challenge of converting my original code to it and am rather happy I did.


Hey @dwfalk
i found out what the problem is … it has notihg to do with your skill …
The common play framework has a timeout, you should be getting an answer from the search queries in max 1 sec time…
thats why i got

  • “Playback Control Skill - INFO - No matches”
  • “rhythmbox-skill_dwfalk - INFO - Artist Probabilities: (‘Eminem’, 100)”

My computer isn’t fast enough (it’s getting old ^^ and my rhythmdb.xml is almost 20 MB and increasing )…
That meand Your Skill passed all my tests on a smaller library… all the problems i had seem to arise because of the performance of my pc…

At the moment I am trying to write a Filecrawler that can load my data faster hoping i can structure the data to speed up the search… I’ll be developing a test version for my own player skill. If your intrested I’ll let you know when i have something working…

Wishing you a nice day :slight_smile: ,