Testing and Feedback for notification-skill

When requesting assistance with testing out your Skill, be sure to provide the following information:

How to install notification-skill

configured in Skill Settings.

  • you can turn off the notification bell and adjust the standard timer for notifications

How to test notification-skill

Specify the steps the user should take to test the Skill, such as;

set notification from your skill with

def notification_example(self):
{‘skill’: ‘teaskill’, ‘message’: ‘tea is ready’, ‘time’: 1}))

after sending the message, mycroft should make the ring glow orange and immediately ring a bell every few minutes

  • Configure the Skill Settings in home.mycroft.ai
  • you “Do you have any Notes for me”
  • mycroft “teaskill tea is ready”
  • you “delete old notes”
  • mycroft “delete old notes” and ring go to default

Where feedback on notification-skill should be directed a

Be clear about how feedback on the Skill should be provided, such as through Issues on GitHub, via email or via Mycroft Chat.