Testing and feedback - Hubble Telescope


Pictures from Hubble Space Telescope

Can be used as idle screen for the mark2


  • “picture from hubble site”
  • “explain”
  • “tell me about the hubble telescope”
  • “who was hubble”
  • “what is hubble space telescope mission”
  • “why was hubble created”
  • “what are hubble’s instruments”
  • “how does hubble work”
  • “did hubble find any planets”
  • “can hubble take pictures of earth”
  • “can hubble see things on the moon”
  • “is hubble data public”
  • “Can we see live photos from Hubble”
  • “Where is the hubble telescope”
  • “Where is hubble looking at” -
  • “Are the colors in hubble images real”