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Testing and Feedback - Jellyfin Skiil

This skill plays music from your Jellyfin server. It is a fork of the emby skill.

How to install jellyfin-skill

How to setup and test jellyfin-skill

  • Configure the Skill Settings in
  • You can generate a API key from the settings in your jellyfin server
  • “play song Poison” will use the common play framework
  • “play song Poison from Jellyfin” will be played using the jellyfin-skill
  • You can play artists and ablums too
  • “play artist blackmore’s night”
  • “Play album Alive”

Where feedback on jellyfin-skill should be directed

General feedback and questons can be placed in this thread.
For feature requests and issues; please use github

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The interesting thing would be to be able to tap into the Live TV M3U Tuner.

Hi there @tuxfoo
I have managed to get my Mycroft to connect with Jellyfin server, it is able to find files and tells me they’re “playing”, but no music plays.
I checked in the Mycroft CLI and this is definitely the case.

not sure what’s up with it and I don’t really understand enough of how it works