Testing and feedback - parrot skill

Turn Mycroft into a echoing parrot!

Make Mycroft repeat whatever you want

Repeats recent audio transriptions and text to speech outputs

This skill is useful to debug STT when mycroft does not understand you, and TTS when you dont understand mycroft. It also demonstrates the most basic usage of converse() method


Turn Mycroft into a parrot. Speak a phrase and listen to it repeated in Mycroft’s selected voice.

"Hey Mycroft, start parrot"
"who are you"
who are you
"Stop parrot"

Also provides an idle screen with parrot images and a random previous STT transcription


  • This will blacklist and replace the functionality of MycroftAI/skill-speak, see Issue#24
  • This will blacklist and replace the functionality of MatthewScholefield/skill-repeat-recent
  • When asking to repeat what was previously said source is taken into consideration, if you ask in cli, gui, hivemind or STT response will vary accordingly, ie. using voice satellite wont respond with STT from device, only same source is taken into consideration
  • Previous transcriptions are not persisted to disk


  • “say Goodnight, Gracie”
  • “repeat Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore”
  • “speak I can say anything you’d like!”
  • “Repeat what you just said”
  • “Repeat that”
  • “Can you repeat that?”
  • “What did I just say?”
  • “Tell me what I just said.”
  • “start parrot”
  • “stop parrot”