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I’m experienced with javascript, and did a couple of hobby projects in python, java and c. Not much experienced with ML - familiar with basic concepts like linear/logistic regression. Would love to contribute.

This is awesome project! I have experience in python, C, and Java, and I have about 2 years of experience in ML, most of which is in text NLP. In the past I’ve experimented a bit with theano and currently I’m learning TensorFlow. I would love to contribute.


I have worked on C/C++ for close to 3 years professionally. Currently pursuing graduate studies and working on an R&D project trying to control an IoT hub through Voice commands. No experience in ML or AI. However, have experience developing API’s. Would love to contribute! Adaptable to new programming languages and technologies too.


I’ve got many years of experience in development (web, application and IoT) but my main interest in machine learning and AI is the idea of building emotional intelligence into machines.

Computers are great at computation, analysis and have an extremely high level or logical intelligence (IQ), but at present very low (EQ) and its EQ that would enable a machine to interact with a human and have that person enjoy the interaction.

Now in order for a computer to know whether an interaction with a person is fulfilling that person’s requirement for social interaction, the computer would need sensors. Our sensors are sight, hearing, touch and intuition. At present MyCroft only has sound (we speak to it) or typed text by which to guage our response, but we could add sight with the use of OpenCV

In any case, give it more sensors and it could guage our response and tailor it’s interaction to better suit our need.

I’m rambling… hope I can be of use.


I’m currently in my last year of Undergraduate Software Engineering degree. I have some work experience on developing data analysis application, using ML for prediction. Plus some research experience on Reinforcement Learning and Computer Vision.

I’m very interested in creating machines that we can interact with almost effortlessly. My experience includes C#, C++, Python and Java. I’d love to contribute.


Hey @jdorleans,

I just learned about your project on Coder Radio EP 217 with @ryanleesipes and would love to help out. I develop in Java and Python in my day job and I am doing the GATech OMSCS part-time where I have taken some ML and knowledge-based AI classes.

Let me know how I can contribute!


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I’m in 2nd year Master degree in Electrical Engineering.
I’m working on a smart home project which uses voice to control thought IoT.
I have done a face recognition project on TensorFlow.

I’m very fond with Mycroft.

I would love to contribute.


Hi, I’m a iOS & Python programer from China. Thanks.


I’m a Linux System Architect working in India. I’m currently pursuing a Machine Learning NanoDegree from Udacity. Is there any project related to Machine Learning in Mycroft that I could work on as part of my capstone project for my nanodegree?



I am very eager in participating the AI x prize challenge, regarding the experience part I have ~6 years of experience under my belt in stacks ranging from J2EE, PHP, Python, .NET and embedded systems. I was part of the google X prize competing team and developed the rover navigation as a research assistant intern. (team got 1 million prize from X prize). I have good understanding of most of machine learning algos and basic tensorflow and CNN model development. Do let me know if you are interested and we can talk more about it.

Hi all,

I have over 40 years of experience and I’m developer that can write in Java, C# and C. I have several years experience Linux, Androd and Windows. I am looki g for I have over 40 years of experience and I’m developer that can write in Java, C# and C. I have several years experience Linux, Androd and Windows. I am looking for a system that can start thinking for itself and not reply to commands. We can talk if you want to hear more.

Hi @jdorleans, @wolfv and other friends at mycroft, have you contacted anyone from OpenML yet? I am involved in the community and maybe we could skype some time. Also there is a hackathon coming up soon. Maybe you wanna join?

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I used to work for a lab in computational neuroscience when I was getting my degree. We created NCS (Neuro Cortical Simualtor) with our sister university in Lauzanne creating a more advanced version. Is the Open Brain Initiative similar? I would like to chat with you if it is.

I was also thinking the same thing. I am going to start creating my own version of a ML probably sourced from the Open ML at first. My project is still a secret though for now.

I am interested in Golang but I don’t know the maturity of the go library. Google search lead me to

Any idea if it’s good?

Here is a good overview of the state of Go and ML -

Is this team still active?

Hey there @playbox21 the Forum in general is very active, but this Category isn’t particularly active. The machine learning channel on Mycroft Chat is quite active now too.