The Patch Failed: ConfigurationManager

Unfortunately I’ve had 3 sick kids since my last post, and I just haven’t had a chance to do it yet.

Hope the kiddos are feeling much better soon @linuxrants.

nice -n -20 ./

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@J_Montgomery_Mycroft and @KathyReid,

I wanted to make sure I kept a working copy of the Mycroft image in case whole process went sideways, so this weekend I ran down to my local Fry’s Electronics and picked up a new SD Card. I imaged it using the link that Kathy provided (thank you again!), and I’ve had mixed results.

Everything started out pretty normal (other than the fact that Mycroft seems to have started at max volume and it wouldn’t let me reduce that volume until I’d completed the setup). I started it up, connected to the hot spot, and directed Mycroft to my WiFi network. I was instructed to go to and register the device (which was pretty much expected), and Mycroft proceeded to run updates. After the updates, it rebooted and then asked me to _re_register the device on the site, despite the fact that I’d done that minutes before. I removed the old registration and added a new device, and it seemed happy with the whole setup. I’ve still seen the yellow eyes, but they seem more rare now. Restarting the device usually gets things back to good, but I’ve only tried it two or three times at this point.

I admit that I’m a little concerned that the yellow eyes are still an issue, even if it’s more rare. If it was a desktop PC or a server in the data center and I’d just reimaged the system and it didn’t solve the issue, I’d be leaning towards hardware. The Pi inside seems to be working fine as I can always ssh into the device and use the cli without issue. I’d lean towards the display or possibly even a network connectivity issue. I’d don’t know. I’m just random throwing stuff out now.

One thing I was surprised about was when Mycroft did finally start up and work completely, it started with the green eyes that I’d configured on the previous image. Does this mean that the settings are global for eye color? If I got another Mark I device, would they share eye color all the time?

Thanks for all of your help! Right now the Mark II is sitting at $196,420, so let me preemptively congratulate you on reaching the $200,000 mark. It looks like people are very excited about the Mark II!


Thanks @linuxrants, we’re still trying to track down the root cause of Yellow Eyes, so your information is super helpful.

Regarding the eyes, the color is set via the Mark 1 Skill - so if you have two Mark 1s, they will share this value.

Thanks too for your well wishes - we’re so close to $200K!!!

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