Time triggered “Good Morning”

I am experienced in python and would like to develop a skill that would allow me to set times in place of wake word.

Similar to google home or Alexa, I would like to set a time for mycroft to say good morning, control lights/blinds, followed by the weather, and a morning briefing / news.

I’m not familiar with the mycroft build and wouldn’t know where to start as far as where skills are stored. Ideally, I wouldn’t build this entirely from scratch. If anyone has any advice I’d appreciate it.

Hey @S_Murphy

I think you are looking for is a routine skill if I’m not mistaking.


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Do you know how to install this? it references a /opt and /venv folder that isnt shown within any directory.

mycroft-msm install https://github.com/ChristopherRogers1991/mycroft_routine_skill
to install it per msm

the folders mentioned in “manual installation” are all based on defaults.
The one mentioned in 2) (~/.mycroft/skills) is softlinked to /opt/mycroft/skills
the .venv one above where you deployed mycroft-core

wher along the file path do i install? Also in debug I get:

ERROR    | 23789 | mycroft.skills.settings:_issue_api_call:306 | Failed to upload skill settings meta for ...

Several skills both native and 3rd party show up as red under debug.
I can likely correct this if I knew what was wrong and proper installation. Perhaps something is dated.

this is where the python (mycoft-core) skill modules are located, not the skills itself. That would be /opt/mycroft/skills

is that where i would install via msm or manual? Should I delete other installations?

ERROR    | 23789 | mycroft.skills.settings:_issue_api_call:306 | Failed to upload skill settings meta for ...

This is occuring in debug for nearly eve skill and I only have tried to install the routine

both methods doing essentially the same. But i would advise doing it automatically. (ie mycroft-msm)

just rm -Rf the folder. (if it was done manually)

The skill is rather old tho, i can’t tell if it was kept up-to-date

do i do so unde /mycroft-core/ or /opt?

it has no settingsmeta.jaml (so, nothing to synchronize)

/opt/… those are the skills

(~/mycroft-core/mycroft are the CORE python modules)

where would this be located under. /var/log/mycroft/skills.log

Does this still work? I gave up on trying on ubuntu and set up a picroft. I’ve used both msm and the manuall install. Mycroft just responds with “I don’t know what that means”.

I’m running into that issue on a lot of skills, even officially supported versions