Timer skill beeping

I timer is the most used in our household. How do I change beeping to not last forever (and having to resort to “Stop”)?

If I were to do it I’d automatically beep for number of minutes the timer was set to (in groups of 3 beeps) with min of 3 beeps. (ex: 30min = 10 x 3 beeps).

I take this as a suggestion thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I would suggest lowering the beep frequency. When the beep interleaves with the voice this often results in requesting mycroft multiple times. (and i would think the respeakerv2.0 usb is on the brighter side of mic quality)

I had a microwave - when it was done it would beep 4 times. But if you didn’t get your coffee, it would beep four more times every 30 seconds. ‘OK, I know my coffee is hot, or maybe even approaching warm’. Then it died and I got a new microwave. Now when the coffee is hot, it beeps five times - ‘OK three times would be enough’. But it doesn’t beep every 30 seconds, so I like this one much better.

Hope this helps.

-Mike M

But you will never have those “approaching warm” feeling again. :sob:

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