Trying the mark-ii/qa branch

It was suggested I check out the ‘mark-ii and mark-ii/qa branches’. I’ve never used Mycroft from a branch before, and I use git, but just the basics. Here’s what I tried:

$ sudo service mycroft stop
$ rm -fr mycroft-core/
$ git clone -b mark-ii/qa
Cloning into 'mycroft-core'...
Resolving deltas: 100% (544871/544871), done.

So far so good. Then I start to build. I’ve always answered ‘Y’ to all the questions. Should I now answer ‘N’ to the first question?

$ cd mycroft-core
$ time bash
Do you want to run on 'master' or against a dev branch?  Unless you are
a developer modifying mycroft-core itself, you should run on the
'master' branch.  It is updated bi-weekly with a stable release.
  Y)es, run on the stable 'master' branch
  N)o, I want to run unstable branches
Choice [Y/N]:  N - using an unstable branch

I did answer ‘N’ and see I’m in a ‘detached-head’ state. OUCH, sounds painful :slight_smile:

I test a recording and a playback - both work fine. I start Mycroft, and say “Hey Mycroft”, but it does not update any log file. I start it in debug mode and now it responds to “Hey Mycroft”, but with this:

 10:51:27.710 | INFO     |  4164 | __main__:handle_record_begin:41 | Begin Recording...
 10:51:29.245 | INFO     |  4164 | __main__:handle_record_end:49 | End Recording...
~~~~<urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0xffff7c0162e0>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused'))
  ^--- NEWEST ---^
History ==========================================================    Log Output Legend =================================== Mic Level ==
 >> It seems I cannot connect to the Mycroft servers. Please wait     DEBUG output
    few minutes before trying to speak to me.     

Any thoughts? Would it be worth trying the mark-ii branch?


-Mike M