Trying to find where audio inputs and outputs are processed so i can make mycroft into a discord bot

I’m trying to do something stupid and make Mycroft discord compatible. Essentially what i want to do is make it use the discord API as I/O instead of a speaker/ microphone. But i don’t know where to look to find where this code is processed. Does anyone have any idea where to start?

I’ve never really done something like this before and i know im biting off more than i can chew but that honestly makes it kinda exciting for me. my plan is to use discord’s bot API but in the future i might expand the scope of the project so that it’s easier for other people to use. who knows maybe i’ll even make some skills for discord server moderation or something.

Hi there @folander, first of all a warm welcome!

Start here for the listener functions;

and start here for the microphone functions;

and here for the text to speech functionality - ie playback;

(I’ve made an assumption that you’re fairly technical, let us know if you’d like me to start at a different point)

Best, Kathy