Unable to add device on mycroft.ai

I’m not able to register my device on the website, the “Next” button is greyed out.

I also see that the website gets a 500 Internal Server Error from https://account.mycroft.ai/api/devices when selecting “Devices” from the upper right corner.


I also have the issue that the “Next” button stays greyed out after I enter the code and all other fields.


I am also having this issue. I tried to pair a new Mycroft instance last night and couldn’t progress past pairing because of this.

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Seems to be related to the Mycroft AI backend according this from the Chrome developer console.

ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): dm: {"headers":{"normalizedNames":{},"lazyUpdate":null},"status":500,"statusText":"INTERNAL SERVER ERROR","url":"https://account.mycroft.ai/api/devices","ok":false,"name":"HttpErrorResponse","message":"Http failure response for https://account.mycroft.ai/api/devices: 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR","error":"<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN\">\n<title>500 Internal Server Error</title>\n<h1>Internal Server Error</h1>\n<p>The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.</p>\n"}
    at b (polyfills-es2015.5ada6ff6d3a5df206018.js:1:15896)
    at b (polyfills-es2015.5ada6ff6d3a5df206018.js:1:15424)
    at polyfills-es2015.5ada6ff6d3a5df206018.js:1:16705
    at l.invokeTask (polyfills-es2015.5ada6ff6d3a5df206018.js:1:7188)
    at Object.onInvokeTask (main-es2015.6bb08e1526d8645e7727.js:1:115168)
    at l.invokeTask (polyfills-es2015.5ada6ff6d3a5df206018.js:1:7109)
    at i.runTask (polyfills-es2015.5ada6ff6d3a5df206018.js:1:2597)
    at m (polyfills-es2015.5ada6ff6d3a5df206018.js:1:9182)
    at u.invokeTask [as invoke] (polyfills-es2015.5ada6ff6d3a5df206018.js:1:8267)
    at p (polyfills-es2015.5ada6ff6d3a5df206018.js:1:20095)

You will have to wait until the team fixes it.


I have the same issue with the greyed out button, i created a ticket with the support. - I hope you guys did too! :slight_smile:

Same issue here . Can’t add a device . Thanks to you in advance team.

Unfortunately still an issue. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Thanks in advance!

How does one open a support ticket? I haven’t been able to find the option.

We have the same issue. Just tested this on Mark II.

Hey all, just confirming that we’re aware of the issue. I’m having a look now - will post when we have it fixed up.

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Hi all, this has been resolved.

Let me know if you are still having any trouble.


ok I can confirm that I’m able to pair devices now… thanks for fixing :wink: