Unofficial Mycroft AI Raspberry Pi OS image

Hello! I configured Picroft with a image using pi-gen on Github Actions and I think it’s good to go. I tested the images with an Android phone using mycroft-android (cfecc22) and a Raspberry Pi 3. Checksums are available on the most recent Github Actions build logs.

Project page: kleo/picroft: Unofficial Mycroft AI Raspberry Pi OS image.

Stable and weekly builds can be found at

Picroft is available on both armv7 and arm64 architecture. Images are built on Raspberry Pi Bullseye image base.

I thank gez for providing the requirements for this project!

This is a repost for updating the links since I can’t update my previous post anymore.

Previous post can be found here: Picroft image builder

PS: I can’t test the following images myself anymore since my Raspberry Pi 3 is now dead. Please send help.

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I look forward to giving it a try, thank you for your contribution.