Updated design available as 3d files?

I love the updated design that was presented in one of the blog posts last month. Any chance the new files will be me made available on github? I‘m about to receive one of the dev kits and it would be amazing if I could print the new housing.

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There’s a mk2 repo that you should check out for those, not sure if they’re updated recently but Derrick routinely pushes out new stuff.

Thanks for the input. I already knew about the repo, but I was inquiring about the slight design change (different grill, body and top) that was presented in last months blog post: Redesigning the Mark II part 1 - Mycroft
The last change in the repo was 5 months ago. So I was wondering if the new design would be made public or reserved for the production units.

Hey @Niels1303, I am going to share the new files very shortly, hopefully within the week. There are a few fit issues I need to tweak before sharing.


Thanks a lot Derick for your update. It’s good to know, then I will wait before printing the body. I really appreciate that everyone at Mycroft is staying close to the community even though everyone is working so hard to improve the product! You guys restored my faith in Kickstarters!

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Any update yet Derick?

I printed the original files and noticed, that there is a small glitch in the stl file for the top part of the device. The top left corner of the inner side (where one of the corner of the board is resting) has a “floating” artifact.