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Updating the Lighting preview


I am running the Lighting preview and want to know if I should download and burn the latest version or has picroft updated it’s self?


The current is good for a Pi3 or Pi3B+ using one of the supported USB mics. The AIY kit still has a few hitches. Changes have been checked in to the repo, but there isn’t a new image yet.

So if you aren’t using AIY, pull down the latest and you will be good to go. Once you are up and going, it will auto-update. There will be new images that will tweak the Picroft scripts, but those will download themselves as we release them.

Of course, when working with a brand new Pi it makes sense to download the latest image, as it hasn’t had opportunity to update itself! I log the release of all new images at The short link ( stays the same, but you can always see the target image name before re-downloading.


I’m somehow amused by the fact that the URL is no longer stable. For some definition of “stable” I guess.


Is there something specific we can assist with?