Upgrading Mark 1 to Pi 4

I would very much like to put a Raspberry Pi 4 into my Mark 1 housing. Not having used my Mark 1 for a couple of years, I don’t know if this is likely to work without issue or not.

I’m perfectly happy with doing the physical modifications and with doing whatever software changes are required, but I feel that it is good practice to see if anyone has tried this already.

Thoughts anyone?

The form factor is the same but some connectors are placed at different positions. Main problem will be cooling as the RPI4 can get quite hot.

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Yes, as I said the physical issues of ports and mounts, I can deal with. I have a Pi 3 running Octopi with a cooling fan, so I can do the same with a Pi 4. Good to know. Thanks.

No firm plans, but I think a compute module would be awesome in the Mark 1…