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Using LED arrays for other things


Hi Everyone

Is it possible to co-opt the LED face for other display purposes? In particular it would be handy to use it to display the time when the device is otherwise idle. One could perhaps either use the “eyes” as an analogue clock to display hours on the left and minutes on the right or just use the “mouth” as a digital clock.

Actually, do the LED’s dim if it is used as an alarm clock?



@kongwak yes! The LED face has the ability to display text you send it, and by extension: numbers. We could easily send it the time, and I think that may end up being its default behavior when Mycroft isn’t being interacted with.


@ryanleesipes - good news on the time. Hopefully the text will be user modifiable too.

Any thoughts on LED dimming? In the video they seem to be very bright. I am not sure I would want it by my bed.



Yeah, they have multiple brightness settings. That should be easily manageable.