Using the Mycroft Mark 2 Dev Kit with other distros

Hey there,

I got my Mycroft Mark II Dev Kit a while back and have now time to tinker with it.

Using the prebuild mycroft distro the hardware is used as it is supposed to.

I want to tinker with it and wanted to ask if there are some documentation about:

  • Using the hardware with other distros
  • How can I control the LED ring from a raspbian distro for example.
  • How can I control the fan.
  • etc.
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Hi Chris, welcome to the Forums :slight_smile:

We don’t have a lot of documentation on the SJ201 drivers yet but they are all communicated via i2c and there are examples for each of these use cases in mycroft-core:

For your user to be able to send these commands you need a few packages and for the user running Mycroft (or the system) to have the appropriate permissions.

You can see everything that goes into an official build here:

and if you’re looking to roll a distro from scratch then you might want to look at some of the stuff happening in OpenVoice OS. Their primary build system uses buildroot and I just saw there’s also some work to get a debos build going again

Thanks for the reply
I will have a look when I find time again :slight_smile:

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NeonGecko also has a repo with scripts to build on top of an Ubuntu 20.04 image here: GitHub - NeonGeckoCom/neon-image-recipe . So far, I have wifi-connect, sj201 drivers, and nearly-complete mycroft_embedded_shell (gui).


@Chris_R did you get the Dev Kit working with another distro? Especially the speakers and/or mic?

I looked at Mark II mycroft container build script · GitHub, but it looks daunting to get the daughter board working.