Video Example Help

I need a little help. I’ve tried to follow the example for creating a video ui. I’m unable to get a video to play.

I’m using the clasic video Big Buck Bunny as my test with this url

Mycroft.Delegate {
id: root
skillBackgroundSource: sessionData.videoThumbnail

Mycroft.VidioPlayer {
    id: examplePlayer
    anchors.fill: parent
    source: ""
    nextAction: ""
    previousAction: "author.example-player.previous"
    status: "playing"


Here is what I’ve tried so far based on the documentation provided by

What my final goal is to connect it to my Door Bell and view a live video is someone is there. Maybe even include 2-way audio. Though the audio might be a little ambitious.


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Check the GUI logs, do you have all the gstreamer plugins installed on the image ?

I have almost all the gstreamer plugins installed. The build I’m using is Ubuntu 22.10. The
command “apt search gstreamer” reports [Installed] next to all but a couple of lib-dev’s

I found the gui logs. Inside the log it is telling me that
“Mycroft.VideoPlayer is not a type”

There is no other messages related to the skill.