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VK test failures status

Hi Mycroft folks,

I learned from the dev sync recording of Sep 1 that there was a suspicion of the VK tests failing intermittently across a seemingly random selection of skills.

I think Chris V is aiming to fix a bug in the timer skill that also caused intermittent VK test failures, so I think most failures related to stopping a timer were actually genuine.

But I’m wondering if anyone can point me to a Jenkins page that demonstrates the other random VK test failures if there are any. I’m interested in trying to help reliably reproduce them.

Hey, thanks for asking!

The VK test issues Chris mentioned have been in the Timer Skill which are almost sorted out and Chris is actively working on it.

But there’s plenty of other improvements that we’d love your help on. A good place to look for issues is the “help wanted” tag on Github.

Alternatively I’m sure most people have experienced something that either didn’t work, or just didn’t seem quite right. We’d love to fix those things too! Basically every time Mycroft doesn’t do what you expect, a good first step is writing a test that shows it failing.

I’m going to be spending a bit of time over the next few weeks adding more “help wanted” tags in the lead up to Hacktoberfest too :beers:

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