[Weather] [Essential] Tempest Weather Device - Weather forecast, current weather and warnings

Skill name: mycroft-tempest-weather

User story:

As a weather fan I want this Skill to have it announce or say current location (or user specified one) weather and forecast, give weather warnings so that I can plan for the coming day.

APIs utilised by the Skill?

Weatherflow Smart Weather API and other Weatherflow APIs.

Similar skills:

Yes, similar skill (mycroft-weather). But only for OpenWeatherMap which utilises weather stations possibly not near user’s device. Also there weather data is only as good as its input and with hyper-local weather, it may not always be accurate. However Weatherflow is hoping to change this and directly accessing it through API would be great.

See https://github.com/MycroftAI/mycroft-skills for a list. If so, how could they be combined?

What will the user Speak to trigger the Skill?

“What’s the weather like (likely now or rest of day)?”
“What’s the weather like for ?”
“What’s the weather like for the coming week or fortnight?”

What phrases will Mycroft Speak?

The weather is cloudy, with high of 15 degrees centigrade and a low of 10 degrees centigrade. Is still with a wind speed of 0 mph.

What Skill Settings will this Skill need to store?

Location and if required any user API keys.

Other comments?

This weather data is driven from both an online service and data garnered from a local user’s physical hardware weather station product. This will be useful for handling hyper-local weather that may not show up in conventional weather forecasts.

It also utilises in the data feeds AI to improve the weather forecasts provided through the app and possibly API. Though the Weatherflow developers of the API are open to questions and/or suggestions for additions.

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Basically you can achieve the same with OWM and any local weather station as long as you can access its sensor data.

I have a WH2600 weather station and record its data with my home automation system. In parallel I submit the data to OWM. With my personal (free) OWM-API key I can access the data (current and historical) for my station.

In fact I already created a feature request for the weather-skill - maybe its time to implement it myself :wink:

And for weather warnings there is already my severe-weather-information skill.

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