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Welcome to the Mycroft Community


Welcome to the Mycroft Community

We did it! We funded on Kickstarter, and now we’ve started this forum in order to have a place where we can build a community around Mycroft and promote participation in the project. If you are interested in contributing, you’re at the right place.

Who is this site for?

  • People generally interested in the Mycroft Project.
  • Developers interested in contributing to the Mycroft Project (or related projects).
  • Those interested in A.I., the Internet of Things (IoT), and home automation.
  • Anyone interested in open source, Linux, and the Raspberry Pi - in relation to voice control.

Please take the time to make a post and share who you are and what you are interested in doing with Mycroft! Use the Introductions category for your post!

Miss out on our Kickstarter? Check out our extended campaign on Indiegogo!

We released our secret sauce, the source code, dubbed: Mycroft Core - check it out!

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We look forward to hearing from everyone! :grin:


Nice to see that we bet on the right project :slight_smile:


A very lovely introduction! I am new to the community and hope to make relevant contributions.!


Nice work guys…
keep it up…


I bought my mark a few months ago. I didn’t have time to play with it, but I would like to use more of it.

Is there a release schedule for updates?

Is there how to page?

Can I add skills to it that I wrote?


You can find docs on the mycroft right here. Release schedule for update is biweekly, usually on thursdays. You should expect a new update this thursday. To allow other people to install your skills either using MSM (mycroft skills manager) or the install skills skill, you can do a pull request on this repo, to add your skill on there.

Hope this helps!


Really love the incredible project!