What Do I Need For A 3D Avatar?

I have a question for you all. Lets say I have a 3d character that I wanted to use as a MyCroft avatar, what platform would I need to pull this off?

I just dont know what I would actually need to turn the 3d character into the avatar. Once I figure that out, I will then look into getting MyCroft into it.

Do you have some more information on what you’re trying to achieve here? Any reference points?

Best, Kathy

I want something like this.

Where I can take any 3d character and make it an avatar with MyCroft as the brain.

Have you worked with any other 3D rendering type applications in the past such as Blender? Or Desktop environments? I’m trying to get a good handle on what you’re using now so I know what to recommend.

Yes I have worked with Blender, Daz, iClone, etc. I have plenty of 3d characters. The characters themself is not the issue, the issue is figuring out what platform to use to whereas I could make the character an avatar like in the video above.

Hmm, I think I get it.

You propably need to create 3D renders for each and every Dialog sentence the skills are using (example; https://github.com/MycroftAI/fallback-unknown/blob/fec5da0991386d60d3b4599995df190a0ed55c7d/dialog/en-us/why.dialog) and then some how send those responses to your systems that let’s your Avatar speak the right sentence.

So in that way, instead of sending the text to the TTS engine, you send it to the program of the Avatar (or both)

Regardless you need speech-renders of your avatar for each and every response MyCroft can give you.

Not sure though what to do for skills such as “tell me about…”

OR you need to create Mimic-3 where there is also a 3D model for each and every word in the speechmodel. (hint hint hint…)

Yes, you understand. I asked the creator of the program in the video above and he said this…

You would have to use DAZ and a matrix file with 2000 frames with all head and mouth positions. You would also need to manually morph a male Daz 3D character into your face. Then its take more than a week to render all files

Unfortunately for me, I have no idea what he means. I do not know what a matrix file is. I get having to render everything but he still did not directly answer my question.

Don’t get me wrong, but then I believe this project is a bit above your head for the moment. Perhaps start with a bit smaller project and work towards this one.

It looks like, it will be the future of A.I. assistants, so perhaps a few years from now, all smart assistant A.I. devices have a “Gideon” type of 3D avatar through their HDMI port.

Like I said above with a funny note. Perhaps in Mimic-3 :wink: