What do you want to see from Mycroft?


@krisadair unfortunately I wasn’t able to join in on any of the live sessions that Joshua and Steve held. Are you able to give a summary of what community generated suggestions have made it into the Road Map for 18.08? Thanks.


Hey @aussiew, thanks for your comment. We’re still finalizing the Roadmap for 18.08b, but here’s some of the things that you’re likely to see.


Performance. Now that I have my mark I I notice that there is a lot of delays. Hey mycroft do something. Then a long pause before the okay response.

My degree is in human computer interaction, you get 1/10th or a second to respond. You can probably add a second with a umm but most actions should complete by then. For things where you have to calculate you might get longer, but for the most part mycroft isn’t trying anything where users should accept delays.

I think this probably forces everybody to run everything locally, the lag of crossing the internet is too long even before spt calculations are counted.


Compared to a google home or echo, my mk1 seems about a second or two slower, maybe 2/3 the overall speed of those others. Some skills take longer than others, as well. The mk1/picroft hardware is, in my view, a big part of that. Run on more significant hardware a bunch of the delay gets taken away.

Running locally for everything may not be better, the speech to text engines in the cloud can do better (speed and accuracy) than most general STT installations without high-end gpu’s or other server level resources in my experience.