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What does the message "" do?

I am a little confused on this message, it seems like it would a reply to “”, but it doesn’t include a data attribute, so you wouldn’t get any data back from that request.

With that said, does that mean it’s meant to just be a notifaction that the request was recieved, in which shouldn’t it be a “replying_track_info” message to indicate it is a pre-action notification. (as per guidlines. (that said, the fact the guidlines exist have really helped me rap my head around some of these allot more than I could possibly without them)

The response message for that is will be caught by a function in the audioservice, the function will reply with a message of the type returning the data. It should technically use the response method of the original (generating the, which is the standard for responding messages), but this message was defined long before the response and bus.wait_for_response functionality was defined, and has been kept for compatibility reasons.

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