What is the session id?

I am playing with sending JSON messages to the mycroft websocket, but some of the messages need session ids.

What are these and how would someone get that data from the message bus?

I couldn’t find anything in the Documentation, at least by just searching for session, so this maybe a blind spot in there as well (or I’m just bad at searching, an very possible option lol ).

sessionId is something that really isn’t used (anymore). A speech request still tags he input with a sessionId though.

What is used is the ident field in the context, which is forwarded all through an interaction (currently only used for gathering timing metrics to evaluate the performance of the stack)

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ok, cool so is an optional field overall then?
Is there a websocket request to get one assigned if it needed?

It’s definitely optional (borderline deprecated)

There is no way to request one over the messagebus at the moment.

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Sweet well I will file that under something not to worry about :slight_smile:


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