What "Skills" Will You Make for Mycroft?


exactly, handsfree VOIP is a killer app imo :slightly_smiling:


@Olivier_Nyssen have you written anything using Matrix?


all the Matrix devs are on Vector, their webRTC client :wink:

Matrix has bridges to legacy protocols: https://matrix.org/docs/projects/try-matrix-now.html#application-services


Was thinking of an app the could keep count of calories you have eaten.

Was looking and myfitnesspal do have an API but it is not public.

Could say something like
Add 300 calories to myfitness
Add 3 eggs to myfitness
add 300g chicken to myfitness



openHAB: http://www.openhab.org openHAB integrates with anything IoT you can imagine. It has more than a hundred bindings (http://www.openhab.org/features/supported-technologies.html) and is very easy to extend. Please, support it in Mycroft!!!
TiVo: TiVo decoders can be controlled over LAN. I bet it must be easy to integrate with Mycroft.


I am also interested in writing skills for home automation.
I currently use Domoticz, but we might be able to go for something like MQTT and support multiple systems at once.
I have been trying to find docs or code examples on how to write skills, but I haven’t been able to find any yet.
It would be very helpful if we can start writing code now, since we can use Adapt to generate intents already, and I can run that on my dev machine. So I could already start developing the skills and test them.


Do you have examples of the new skills including ‘wikipedia’, ‘weather’ using adapt? It’s always easier to look at the code that created these skills.


Hi everyone !

I’m happy to join the community. I bought the Early Bird Hardware Dev Kit mainly for this reasons :

  • Domotic controller : I’m making some home automation modules based on ESP8266 (TV switch, lamps/LED switch, …) and I will try that Mycroft can control them.
  • Sonos controller : That would be great if Mycroft could handle natively Sonos speakers ! Since the Sonos’ API is not open, I think I will work with the SoCo Team (Python code for Sonos Controller : https://github.com/SoCo/SoCo ) to add this “Skill” into Mycroft.
  • Kodi controller : Since Plex is supported, I hope Kodi is supported too ! If it’s not the case, I will try to develop a “Skill” to control Kodi.

It will be my first contribution for the community :wink: . I hope my dev on these topics will help someone.

(And I can help for French translation if needed :relaxed: )


something i would like to see is an emergency services skill. for example, if someone is breaking into your home, MyCroft could call 911 over VoIP, and simultaneously record audio from the phone call and environment, in case someone gets murdered or injured during the break in. it could be used as evidence in a court case for defence of the home owner. possibly even pulling live video feeds from any existing home security system. the home owner, could say to MyCroft, “MyCroft call 911…” or “MyCroft call for help…” and it would call 911 over the intercom link or straight to a cell phone. in the even of a fire, if someone has a smart device carbon monoxide / fire detector, MyCroft could connect to the device, receive an alert, and then in intercom mode, post an alert warning of carbon monoxide or fire warning, and also send an alert text message to your phone. it would prompt for an response either text or vocal for acknowledgement, and if no acknowledgement was given, it would make a call to 911, and send the data of the fire alert / carbon monoxide alert, GPS coordinates, and patch in the 911 operator over the intercom system. another thing that i would like to see - especially because i live in Oklahoma city, 3 miles from the May 3rd tornado area (biggest tornado in world history), is have an emergency weather alert system skill as part of emergency services. for instance, if there is a weather warning for a specific county, it would receive an alert from NOAA, and automatically post a weather warning over the intercom system. it could then patch in a local weather internet radio station / or emergency weather radio station. in the event that the Tornado / hurricane is in your local neighborhood / county, it could give the command for the people listening to find immediate shelter. - i don’t have the complete coding knowhow to do this, but would love to see it done. this would make siri look like a toy.


i would also like to see it be able to play Audible, Overdrive audio books, and be able to to read your purchased eBooks from google play, Kindle, and Nook. that would be totally awesome. also the ability to play music from google play, amazon music, and even itunes.


another think i would also like to see is a skill for integration into Microsoft OneDrive / Office 360 / Outlook web version.

along with stuff like this, has anyone thought about having MyCroft learn different peoples voices in order to do Voice Print Recognition? or Voice Authentication? my guess, is that there would need to be some form of MyCroft Cloud service, which could store training data of each individual account which could be registered to the device. say like you would have a master account, and then up to five or more sub accounts for one per family member. it could even be a yearly service which could be sold for a reasonable price. it could even be tied to their phone number for ubuntu phone. these could be registered to the devices in the house hold. that way it would make it easier to program into MyCroft the ability to detect, from the family member accounts that are registered to those devices, to be able to detect, and decipher who it is talking to, and ask for a pass phrase from the individual in order to authenticate the user. that way it could help to better protect a person’s private data, and previous usage log, and a host of other future security features that could be built on top of it in the future.


if you look at programs like dragon dictate, they usually have a set up wizard which walks you through the process of training your voice recognition system. for a multi account set up like in my above post, there could be a wizard either on the website, or that could be set up from the device itself which would ask for user account creation information, and then proceed through the process of setting up the speech wizard to customize it for each user.


Do either of these audio books platforms have an open API? I don’t assume Audible does, but it would be cool if it did.


we might be able to access it through amazon echos SDK. we could could see if they list any connections like servers or something that it uses to connect to for reading kindle books. another way, is possibly through the chrome browser for playback of audio books / kindle books. maybe they have some source code in their plugin that might give a clue to how it access the sight.


Is there any documentation available on how to develop skills?


I was looking on amazons site to see if they have api for their services. I found that amazon echo does have an SDK. I also ran across this article about doing searches for amazon prime videos… https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?messageID=344033
And this one…

It’s not much but it’s a start. I will have to look over it more tomorrow when I am at work and not using my phone for this lol.


Check this link out. The documentation isn’t great, but it’ll do for now. When the MyCroft starts shipping and I can begin writing new skills, I think I’ll probably help out on the documentation part (as numerous people have been asking about it now :smile:).


Some skills that I definitely will make as soon as possible:

  • Email
  • Intercom (front door intercom, eg. when someone knocks on your door)
  • Touchscreen Display

I’m guessing Email is probably already under development, I’ll leave that for others to do :wink:.

Are there any plans to make a touchscreen display? For example, I’d really like if inside the dining room or living room there was a MyCroft with a touchscreen (maybe the official 7" touchscreen?). Then you could do things like viewing all your security cameras, checking to make sure all your MyCrofts are functional, configuration etc.


Is there already a skill for philips hue?


@Simple-codinger I don’t think so. It may be under development, but I can’t find any phillips hue skills in the github repository, so I’m assuming no.

EDIT: Never mind. Found a pull request: https://github.com/MycroftAI/mycroft-core/pull/240