Where is the main log output written to?

Hi, could someone point me toward the main log? One with the same messages that are shown in the mycroft-cli-client? They are not in any of the log files in /var/log/mycroft.

I’m trying to track down why the intent from a custom skill isnt being recognized. I cant search the cli-client messages without scrolling and copy/pasting into an editor multiple times.

Also, is there a chart or diagram anywhere for the workflow from start-mycroft.sh to speech rec, intent match, skill execution and back to listening for events (on the message-bus I assume?), before I start digging through each and making a mental map? Again, Im trying to track down where the skill is not working, and there is no “ATTEMPTING TO LOAD SKILL:” message, nor any errors, but it does show up under :skills and there is no response to ':activate . Thanks …The Technology Overview in the Docs is good so far (https://mycroft-ai.gitbook.io/docs/mycroft-technologies/overview).

If they’re not getting written to /var/log/mycroft/ (voice.log, audio.log, skills.log, or messagebus.log), then something is either a) preventing them from doing so or b) configured to write them elsewhere.

@baconator, I see them now… weren’t there when I checked before sorry… and thanks

Main log seems to be /var/log/mycroft/bus.log

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@baconator, well the skill is loaded successfully, but is not recognizing the intent when typed verbatim in the cli-client… hmm…

Maybe the skill is not activated?

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possibly, check the skills log for not loaded.

Yep, there isn’t one “main” log, each Mycroft service writes to it’s own log.

If you’re not sure which one it might be in, you can use grep to search them all:

grep "string to search for" /var/log/mycroft/*

Yes, I did use cat /var/log/mycroft/* | grep <MY_SKILL_NAME> to confirm it was loaded. It seems to not be recognizing the intent words. I am working through that debug process on the post below. But am first trying to clear up a permissions error that could possibly be causing it.