Where is the "message_types.csv" mentioned in the documention repo?

I was looking at finding ways to automate what I did by hand (with some error and inconsistency) in the mycroft-json-messages repo. I did that just by following the documentation, which from my understanding that page is autogenerated it’s self using this script (if I am way off base that wouldn’t be that surprising either though).

The main issue though is that the scripts mentions a message_types.csv as it’s source of truth to build the rest of document off of, but I haven’t had any luck find any .csv files in any of the repos.

@krisgesling will know for sure but it may be an export of https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RsBpMOGx4o8A_zF_UELYQSLK8DlIScHGnfzJ3iSN0AE/edit#gid=0

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Yep, Ake is spot on, the csv was exported from document linked above.

Important to note that the linked document was last edited in 2019. Updates were made as I was generating the docs when I came across incorrect or unclear information, and then further edits have been made to the page since it got generated.

So Message Types page in our main documentation should now be considered the best source of information and any edits or additions be made directly to it.

It’s still not complete. I was made aware today that we haven’t added any of our GUI related message types as yet. But it is the most up to date that exists.

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How is are the available message types determined before being added to the document page?

Often they’re proposed through feature additions to mycroft-core. But you could also create a pull request on the documentation repo if you wanted to propose the addition of a new message type.

This means it’s open for others to see what’s being proposed and discuss if it fits within the existing schema. For larger changes we’d likely discuss it at an internal dev sync meeting.

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