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Which platform for Mycroft videos

I like the idea of the mock up videos and I liked the first one.
BUT, considering that privacy is one of your unique selling points, I’d expected you would rather use a different video platform than simply Youtube.

Hey Paul, it’s a fair point.

A challenge for us is how we best promote Mycroft and balance that against the privacy aspects. I have the same feelings about Facebook for example - we have a page and a group there, and whilst I don’t use it myself, there is a subset of our community that do.

In terms of the best alternative options - what video platforms do you (or anyone else reading this) use to watch and share videos?
PeerTube, Vimeo, self-hosted, something else?

Note: I pulled the original comment out to it’s own thread as it seems like it’s own topic.

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I’d say Vimeo is big enough to be visible and you support the competition between platforms. My preference would be Vimeo until I be shown something better overall.