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Will the Matrix Voice microphone array be supported?


I now power my raspberry with an 3A power supply. But that has not changed the situation. Sometimes it needs one or two reboots until the matrix voice mic seems to work. But then it stays functional. So this is okay for me right now to continue with my further mycroft experience.


Hi botacious

  1. Write the current image to a 16gb sd card
  2. Matrix voice is plugged to to my raspberry
  3. Power on with a >= 2.5A power supply
  4. Cancel mycroft initial setup wizard
  5. touch /home/pi/setup_matrix
  6. Replaced with the one in “stretch” branch (
  7. Reboot
  8. Choosing number 4 (Matrix Voice HAT) in MyCroft initial setup as microphone
  9. Finishing the initial setup
  10. Reboot

If the mic is not recognized after boot up maybe wait 2 minutes and run “bash /home/pi/” manually.

Hope that helps.


So with steps 5,6,7
wget “
chmod +x

I get on reboot
./ line 7: syntax error near unexpected token newline' ./ line 7:

whats the point of…?

touch /home/pi/setup_matrix


When i try this wget downloads content of an html file provided by github and not the real content of the bash script. Open in your browser, show the “raw” content, save and use this file. This should work better.

The bash script “” checks for the existing of this file to start installing the matrix dependencies.

Good look :slight_smile:


Since i still have problems after rebooting my raspberry that matrix voice does not work correctly (maybe just in combination with mycroft) - have any user of matrix voice ever made a firmware update of mv?


I too have a Matrix and I am seeing more and more people wanting an integration. Mine is literally collecting dust so if someone can figure out how to install this properly that would be fantastic.