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Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

General Discussion

Things posted in the general discussion category can be anything you want to talk about regarding:

Mycroft Project

This category is for posts about the Mycroft Project specifically, not general questions and feedback (that can go in general discussion).

Adapt Intent Parser

This category is for discussion regarding the Adapt Intent Parser, one of the core technologies of the Mycroft project. It determines the intent behind the query and passes that information back to the Mycroft software for detemination on what "skill" (module) it applies to.


This category is for discussing the design around the Mycroft project, this includes design for:


This category is about the development of the Mimic software, it will be used primarily as the place for coordinating development efforts (besides the Github repo) while we work on getting the software ready for being completely opened up to everyone outside the initial devs guiding the effort at this point.


The OpenSTT category is used for discussion of the OpenSTT initiative by Mycroft A.I. to create a low latency, highly accurate Speech-To-Text model using machine learning.

Machine Learning

The Machine Learning category should be used whenever a topic related to ML is created. Conversations around ML news, algorithms and frameworks are encourage and should be in this category.

Skill Suggestions

This is the voting-on-new-Skills area that you’ve all been eagerly awaiting! Mycroft folk will post new Skills from time to time, giving you the option to vote on them. A Vote means you support the Skill.

Skill Feedback

This is a place for Skill Authors to request testing and feedback on their Skills. Testing and feedback from a wide variety of sources helps to improve the quality of Skills over time.


This category is for the discussion of Mycroft in languages other than English.