Mark 2 Ideation


@waytgibbs The IR idea is great, we have talked about how to do it, and we are trying to see what we can do. If nothing else we want to support a usb accessory.


Terrific. Today I came across an interesting competing IoT hub called Moon by 1-ring that has this feature.
It’s not a smart speaker, but rather a steerable webcam. I do expect IR blasters will become increasingly common as integrated features, however.


Hi - Just got to know about mycroft and I absolutely love the work the team is doing.
MY ideas for version 2 -

some sort of control over the screen / face where mycroft could display something relevant and is programmable. (visualisation)

how we can bring some of the advances of machine learning / computer vision / speech recognition and translation to mycroft 2.

MY 2 cents. cheers!