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Mycroft and Squeezelite

For quite a while I am running a multi-room audiosystem (LMS with squeezelite on a few Raspis each with USB-Soundcard and speaker), all merged with my OpenHAB - and I really like it. The next step for me is to integrate Mycroft into this. So, my plan is to simply add microphones to the existing RasPis + speaker and run mycroft + squeezelite on them and have Mycroft in all of my rooms.

Technically I thought it might be wise to first install mycroft using the PiCroft image on the RasPi, apt-get install squeezelite and be done. But: No matter how I try to specify the squeezelite -o - while running squeezelite (which works fine) I cannot get Mycroft to talk to me. Once I kill squeezelite again, some stacked messages from Mycroft come through. I have read a bit about problems with dmix on RasPi, but to be honest I am technically quite a noob and don’t really understand what the problem is… It looks like Mycroft listens, but cannot speak while squeezelite is running.

I have also tested in with the Plasma-Bigscreen image on a Raspi4 - no success either.

Ideally I would like squeezelite to mute, when Mycroft gets activated, but being able to tell mycroft to stop the music and then interact with Mycroft and let it start the music afterwards again would already be a great state to achieve!

I am thankful for any help to solve this! And thanks a lot for all the great work you are doing around Mycroft. It is well appreciated!

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Nice to see that I am not the only fanboy of squeezelite. I did a post in a multiroom thread here, a while ago. But I was still alone with my fav. multiroom-speaker choice.

Did you take a look at snapcast?

Otherwise you should take a look at MycroftOS - A bare minimal (production type of) OS based on Buildroot

For the next version of MycroftOS I have planned to have proper pulseaudio volume/mute control.

Then it does exactly what you want. As soon as you ask something while squeezeliye is playing it is muting and ducking the volume while it listens and speaks. No controlling squeezelite by voice as of yet, that is on the list. (Squeezelite is already included)

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Wow. Missing words. Do you have an ETA for this next Version? Will follow the thread.